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Stay on the track

A fantastic catering business opportunity in what will be a monumental year for York. March 2014

We have the privilege of owning the old station house at Naburn. Situated right on the cycle track route 65, York to Selby.

Daily we see many cyclists, cycle clubs, dog walkers, runners, walkers, school trips and holidaymakers.

We have been operating a small refreshment service – mainly based around a Trust Hut, where at least people can get a drink, cake and or cold drinks and refreshments.

We are aware of the potential that a catering service would reach. This has indeed been tried and tested over the years. People call us an oasis and we try and respond to each and every request we receive, from 20 beans on toast, 300 school children to a romantic picnic for two in the garden in the garden.

We are currently in the development phase with the house, offering late rooms accommodation, from a self-contained flat through to a hostel room, that are very popular with cyclists.

In terms of priorities, this needs to be the focus of our time and finances.

We started to develop an outdoor catering area two years ago; however, other areas of work needed attention.

We are now in a position where we are aware of the business case to offer food, but not currently able to move this forward.
We are looking for a business partner who can.

This really does need to happen quickly, as this year’s Tour de France will see a major injection into the cycling world in and round York.
We are thinking this would be an initial 3 year agreement, where an initial capital investment would be recouped. We offer a very fair rental agreement during this period, as for us, it is more of a service than a business – could it be you, could you make it your extremely successful catering business on route 65, just by Saturn , 5 miles from York city centre?

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